Fluxo Light Connectors & Chargers

This turned out to be a bad ground connection from the battery. Tested the resistance from the battery ground to another ground point that connects to the transmission and it came out to 10M, after cleaning the threads and bolts on the battery ground connection it went down to 0.9

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Drag & drop files into drupal site?

Since October 2013, the dragndrop_upload module has become available. (Completely different from dragndrop_uploads recommended already.) At the current time, it seems to be the most sophisticated solution to me. Worked flawlessly for me, and can be styled very nicely.Another alternative is dragdropfile. Did not test it though

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16.10 fail to resolve DNS

Edit /etc/nsswitch.conf and change toEdit:I got the same problems for quite some time. I was able to resolve domain names from vpn but I was not able to ping or curl those or use them in other applications. The described change above solved it for me.


laggy bluetooth mouse logitech M585/M590

I had the same problem, following this answer instruction worked for me: xx:xx.... is pc bluetooth address and yy:yy... is the mouse bluetooth address.In the file, add this section at the end:then, restart bluetooth service with: systemctl restart bluetooth


OSX Account server running on Linux

You can do either, it's VERY easy to do this using OSX Server, which is very cheap in itself, but you can have similar services running on Linux - they may not work as well but they may, you've got a lot of learning ahead of you I fear


Remote Desktop Viewer doesn't update the image

You can try changing the client and the server for a better experience. As far as as client is concerned, the remmina client is a much better performer than vinagre and if you are use facing problems with vino then try tightvncserver. Both Are available via synaptic or USC

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TNS-12543: TNS:destination host unreachable

1) we have to login to the sqlplus in the command prompt and connect as sysdba2 ) alter the sys and unlock the account.3 ) you can login via following url :4 ) Enter the username as sys and new newpassword5 ) you can able login as sys account and continue with your dba works


Can Ubuntu 13.10 use QQ International without wine?

Yes there is beta version of qq international package was available for download on Linux.Download the .deb file from here.Move to the directory where .deb file was downloaded using cd.Install the .deb file by running the below command,How to connect to the QQ Messenger network?


Realms blocked by Internet Blocker (Integard)

I finally figured out what the problem was just now. It turns out that the Realms are allowed through Windows Firewall with no problem; rather, the problem came from Integard's Firewall. To fix this, I have to allow port 25565 through the Integard Firewall, and everything seems to be working.


Ubuntu 18.04 no internet connection

check the OS routes after connecting to the WiFi router, this check can be done with this command ip route the result should be something like this if your output does not look like this, "Remember the numbers can change", then check your router configuration specifically the country set


Ubuntu detects external HDD but doesn't mount it

1) please connect the drive2) open file manager on Ubuntu3) do you see your drive on the side bar?3a) if yes right click the drive and select mount3b) if no close file manager, open terminal run sudo fdisk -l Reopen file manager, do you see your drive now?


Remotely access postgresql database

The highest-voted and accepted answer has serious security-impolications. This method is disabled by default for good reasons.Better use local port forwarding with ssh:Start the port forwarding:(Change local and foreign ports to fit your configuration).

Then you can directly connect to the database from your local computer:


Is air gap needed if dishwasher is connected directly to the sewer line?

You do need an air-gap. In my state it is legally required (Cal Plumbing Code 414.3)Contrary to what you might mistakenly interpret from some other comments, it does not serve the same function as your sewer/drain vent system. It is not a "vent", it is a vacuum breaker.


Disconnecting someone on my network

Sure but you need an amount of access:But if you're just trying to grief somebody on a network or computer that isn't yours, go and find something better to do. This sort of misuse is a criminal offence in many countries; you can go to jail for it


How to set-up DSL dialer for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

What you have done is right. Just open "Edit Connections." There will be an auto eth0 entry under wired connections. Just delete it and DSL will connect by itself.If you instead check "Connect automatically" then you'll have to repeat this every time or permanently switch off auto eth0.


Wireless authentication required on a Samsung N150

Thanks for everyone who tried to help..how it's been solved :removed network manager :then :changed the security type of the internet modem from WPA/WPA2 to WEP-hex (coz the wireless lan never connected to the modem with WPA/WPA2 )..

now every thing working fine with the wireless lan..


Alternative to Microsoft Outlook

You may have a look at the Evolution Ubuntu featured mail client, with calendar, tasks, contacts and so.

- Have the look and feel of Outlook

- It can import your Outlook PST data file

- Can also connect to Ms Exchange serverInstall from Software-Center or from command line


Connect Ethernet via Parallel or Serial in old laptop

Yes. For example, the Xircom PE3-10BT is a parallel port adapter that allows an RJ45 connector be plugged into it. You don't get full 10 Mbps with it, but it works. Mine is powered via a PS/2 port passthrough plug and jack. I use mine with my 386 laptop.


Does ubuntu work on an Acer TravelMate 5742Z?

I just finished to install Ubuntu 11.10 on my Acer TM5742Z, everything seems to be fine, sound, webcam, wi-fi, etc.... I have problems with the "function keys", i.e.: I am not able to change the bright of my display using the Fn Left arrow or Fn Right arrow.


Remote host identification has changed warning when connecting over SSH

On the client node where you are issuing the ssh,Delete all lines that start with IP addresses that are on the same network as the IP you are trying to ssh into. This will force the client node to permenently add (ECDSA) to the list of known hosts


force to forget logins

If you move to SQL Server 2012 Management Studio (and no reason not to, now that it's free and you can still manage the same set of down-level servers that 2008 R2 lets you manage), you can simply delete old servers right from the connection dialog using the standard Delete key


X Error of failed request: BadValue (integer parameter out of range for operation)

That particular error means you can't create an OpenGL context across the network. OpenGL is the library used to connect to the local graphics processing unit (GPU) for 3-D graphics hardware acceleration. There is not networked support for OpenGL, so trying to create a context over the network fails.


List of items in DD4T

If you have a View for your Component you could do it the .NET MVC way, by hooking up to the Controller/Action you already created by placing @Html.Action("YourNewsActionMethod", "News") in your razor view for the Component. This will call the "YourNewsActionMethod" on your class called NewsController


How can I automatically try a specific resolution if I connect an (any) external monitor?

I created a script for one of my monitors and run it as I connect the monitor. So you can make similar different scripts for your different monitor types and run each as per requirement.Create your Modeline for your monitor with the followinghorizontal pixels x vertical pixesl refreshrate.


How to access free internet through a server closed

As @davidgo has commented and linked this solution, it worked for me and now I have free access to everywhere.Solution:

I ran this command on my terminal:And ran this command on my local server:And now as I google 'my ip', it shows me a Finnish IP.


Why is a remote IP redirecting to a local server?

When this happens, you should do a traceroute to the remote host. You'll see where in your routing infrastructure the traffic takes a "wrong turn" and you can inspect that device closer. Obviously there's a config or NAT rule or something else somewhere that you've overlooked that's causing this.


No Wi-Fi options on HP 450 g3 i7 with Ubuntu 15.04

I suggest installing Ubuntu 14.04.3.After you install the system, connect to internet by wire and upgrade the kernel by running:Wi-Fi should work after reboot.Ubuntu 14.04.4 will support this adapter out-of-the-box. It will be released soon. You do not need to deliberately upgrade to it. Just install regular updates.


Error: CONNECTION ERROR: Couldn't connect to node

I had the same trouble and spend a lot of time to find the reason.

web3.js has XMLHttpRequest (npm module) as a dependency. This module writes some temp files when sending a request.

(see here: xmlhttprequest source, line 477 )It means your NodeJs process needs to write files permission


Nginx reverse proxy only accessible from one device

When I look into the link you have followed I found that on the server name you have bounded your local server IP so either kindly connect with the same network. So that you can access the local domain. Find the screen shoot( for explanation


Why can't I parent two bones together?

The linked video shows parenting with an Offset. If you'd like the two bones to actually connect in your own rig, select Connected instead. Better yet, select the bone roots and hit F afterwards, so your original thigh bone stays nice and aligned with the rest of the leg.


VNC Remote access like a graphical console

From your Ubuntu client machine:go to the dash:type remminaopen the application,click the little green change the name "Quick Connect" to WhatEverYouWant.click on protocol and choose VNC - Virtual Network Computingclick on Server and add the IP addressoptional: add the username and password thereclick SaveDouble-click WhatEverYouWant


How do I backup a PS4 to an external hard drive and get around error 'CE-31414-3'?

I found the answer. I formatted the HDD with my MacBook Pro in exFAT, but it keeps launching with an error. I tried reformatting the HDD with my Windows laptop with the same exFAT format and it works.Just format the backup disk drive in Windows, not in macOS.


In Call of Duty: Black Ops What gun is recommended for a person with horrible aim?

Your best bet is to stick to something that covers a large area like a shotgun OR you can use an assult rifle with either a flame thrower attachment or grenade launcher attachment. With either of those attachments you will wound or kill anyone within a decent sized area


ssh'ing into my ubuntu machine from another computer on the same wi-fi access point always refer to the machine you're currently working from. However, you don't have to use the IP address. You should be able to use hostname.local. For instance, if your Ubuntu computer is called myubuntubox, then you should be able to connect to it by using ssh myubuntubox.



Firefox unresponsive due to lock files, how do I remove them?

Have you tried killing the process with the System Monitor? In the Ubuntu Search, type "sys" and open System Monitor. Find firefox... select it, and click End Process. Hopefully this will kill the process for you and you'll be able to restart Firefox. I've been having a similar problem


Is it possible to create an ad-hoc wi-fi connection?

Have you verified that the drivers for your wireless card are properly installed and working?I suggest looking at this similar question: Unable to Connect to Wireless NetworkIf you could update your question with the same feedback from that question, we could probably help you pinpoint a solution. :-)


Cannot establish AX.25 connection to RMS gateway

Is it possible that my VOX has a hang time that's causing me to loose the initial response to my call?Yes, that is definitely possible. You want the lowest possible VOX threshold and, if possible, just turn it off completely and use another mechanism to trigger the PTT


TP-Link AC600 driver on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS x64

Connect to internet by ethernet, tethered or whatever means possible. Then run in terminal:Reboot.You will have to re-install it after each kernel upgrade. Please you keep the driver folder mt7610u_wifi_sta_v3002_dpo_20130916, then it will be quite easy.

You will need to run only:.


In the mission Going Hunting, how do I hit enemy MIGs with my plane's machine gun?

The machine gun will only fire directly forward, and is very inaccurate, however, it's a 1-2 shot kill, so on the parts where the enemy plane is directly in front of your own, it's worth spamming the machine gun until they move away, and then switch to your missiles


Automatically change resolution when not in dock

Install hwinfo if you don't already have it.Now, run $hwinfo --monitor or just $hwinfoDO NOT connect it to the dock now. Reboot, choose your favourite resolution and runDOCK the system now, and reboot. Choose your new favourite resolution and runMake a script file and add it to autorun:

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