Efficiency Factor

Efficiency factor

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Efficiency factor is a ratio of some measure of performance to an expected value

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Pareto efficiency

Pareto efficiency or Pareto optimality is a situation where no individual or preference criterion can be better off without making at least one individual or preference criterion worse off or without any loss thereof. The concept is named after Vilfredo Pareto (1848-1923), Italian civil engineer and economist, who used the concept in his studies of economic efficiency and income distribution. The following three concepts are closely related: Given an initial situation, a Pareto improvement is a new situation where some agents will gain, and no agents will lose. A situation is called Pareto dominated if there exists a possible Pareto improvement. A situation is called Pareto optimal or Pareto efficient if no change could lead to improved satisfaction for some agent without some other agent losing or if there's no scope for further Pareto improvement.The Pareto frontier is the set of all Pareto efficient allocations, conventionally shown graphically. It also is variously known as the Pareto front or Pareto set. Pareto originally used the word "optimal" for the concept, but as it describes a situation where a limited number of people will be made better off under finite resources, and it does not take equality or social well-being into account, it is in effect a definition of and better captured by "efficiency". In addition to the context of efficiency in allocation, the concept of Pareto efficiency also arises in the context of efficiency in production vs. x-inefficiency: a set of outputs of goods is Pareto efficient if there is no feasible re-allocation of productive inputs such that output of one product increases while the outputs of all other goods either increase or remain the same.:459 Besides economics, the notion of Pareto efficiency has been applied to the selection of alternatives in engineering and biology. Each option is first assessed, under multiple criteria, and then a subset of options is ostensibly identified with the property that no other option can categorically outperform the specified option. It is a statement of impossibility of improving one variable without harming other variables in the subject of multi-objective optimization (also termed Pareto optimization).

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Are hybrids really all that more fuel efficient? I have heard that the stats given are false.?

When a hybrid is running on gas, it has the same, and , possibly worse efficiency as all the other regular vehicles that are similar, but, the efficiency comes when you are doing a short drive or in-town stop-and-go driving on the batteries

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Energy efficiency

The United Kingdom government has instituted several policies intended to promote an increase in efficient energy use. These include the roll out of smart meters, the Green Deal, the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme, the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme and Climate Change Agreements. In tackling the energy trilemma, saving energy is the cheapest of all measures. The Guardian newspaper reported that in 2012 that by 2050, Germany projects a 25% drop in electricity demand: the UK projects a rise of up to 66%. MP and Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change Ed Davey pointed out in November 2012 that a modest 10% reduction in 2030 means five fewer power stations and £4bn cut from bills. The UK government has implemented measures aimed at cutting the UK's energy use by 11% (around 196TWh) by 2020. If achieved, this improvement would be sufficient to replace 22 UK power stations, while possibly providing a boost to the economy and living standards.

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If electricity is efficient for automobile power, can it be used efficiently for heating homes?

Resistance heating is the least efficient way to heat something. A heat pump running on electricity is many times more efficient than electrical resistance heating. A heat pump connected to a geothermal heat sink is even better. Most geothermal heat pump systems use water pumped from a well to extract heat from or dump heat into when they are used for air conditioning. This incurrs the added expense of running a electric well pump. Passive geothermal heat pumps are the most efficient way to heat or cool if you have the ability to sink large amounts of copper or aluminum into the ground and bring up a section to place inside the heat pump's heat exchanger. Heat pumps that rely on air-conditioning styled outside units suffer from poor heating in extremely cold temperatures due to the difficulty in extracting heat from frigid outside air.There are many other systems that use solar heating that also use electric fans to help circulate heated air from thermal storage compartments underneath the basement in the night time and help to direct heated air from the day time to those thermal storage compartments.Existing houses can not normally be retrofitted with heat storage compartments so usually go the heat pump or resistance heating route when using electricity to heat. It is a bit difficult to compare a car and a house as they have vastly different purposes. An electric car fits well into the idea of moving carbon producing energy production from a gasoline engine to a large fixed coal, gas or oil based power plant as the large power plant does not need to safely convey families down the highway. Hydo and nuclear electricity production make an electric car an even better choice. Wind and solar can remain as choices where other options are not available but need extensive battery assistance to provide power 24*7. The materials in batteries are more dangerous than the waste products nuclear energy produces when adjusted for quantity. Batteries are still needed for mobile devices, including cars. For fixed power sources batteries are less environmentally friendly than using nuclear power.There are some battery technologies that have been around for over a century, such as nickel iron, but they are not as short term efficient as lead acid or lithium ion technologies. The long term efficiency is quite high due to nickel iron batteries longevity. Business has yet to comprehend long term solutions and environmentally friendly solutions as being a priority.If electricity is efficient for automobile power, can it be used efficiently for heating homes?

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