East End (Dundee Ward)

East End is one of the eight wards used to elect members of the Dundee City Council. It elects four Councillors

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East End Women's Museum

East End Women's Museum (EEWM) is a virtual, pop-up museum and the only dedicated women's museum in England. It was established in 2015 as a positive protest to a 'Jack the Ripper Museum' in Cable Street. A new building in Barking town centre is scheduled to open in 2021-2022. .

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East End history

Archibald was a prominent member of the East End community and was offered the role of the Mayor of Poplar but turned it down due to a heavy work load. The firm crafted two war memorials that sit in London today, the Children's War Memorial in Poplar and the St. Michaels Church war Memorial] at St Michaels Church, St Leonards Road, Poplar. Archibald's son began working in the funeral company as a boy and upon return from serving as a soldier in World War II, took a more prominent role in the family business. Upon the death of Archibald Senior in 1948, the establishment was taken over by his son.

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East End X Yuri

East End Yuri (pronounced "East End Plus Yuri") was a short-lived collaboration between Japanese hip hop group East End and singer Yuri Ichii, ex-member of J-pop girl group Tokyo Performance Doll

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East End, Cayman Islands

East End is a village and one of the five districts of the Cayman Islands. Located on south-east coast of Grand Cayman, in 2018 it had a population of 2,395.

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East End Historic District (Middleton, Wisconsin)

The East End Historic District is a residential historic district in Middleton, Wisconsin consisting of 37 modest homes built from the 1920s to 1950s in various styles. The district was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2003. In the 1870s the area occupied by today's East End Historic District was platted in large lots and thinly populated. In 1873 only nine buildings were there. The population grew slowly until 1935. Until then, Elmwood Street (then called Slaughter Street) did not go through from Bristol to Park. In 1935, using money from relief aid, the village connected the street through that gap and replatted some large old lots, creating new small lots. Homes rapidly filled in the lots in the years following. Due to the late start of construction, there are no homes in older styles like Gothic Revival or Queen Anne. Instead there are a few in American styles like bungalows, and many period revival houses. Here is a good example of each style: The Ralph DiVall house at 7010 Hubbard Ave. is a bungalow built in 1925, 1.5 stories with the typical full-width front porch and shed-roofed dormer. DiVall served as Madison's village clerk.The Dr. C.F. Alen house at 7014 Hubbard St. is a brick Colonial Revival-styled home built in 1928, 1.5 stories, with the front porch framed in Tuscan columns, a fanlight, and pediment. Dr. Allen was a well-known medical doctor. The Albert Loeser house at 1916 Park St. is a 2-story Tudor Revival-styled house built in 1933, clad in carefully cut wood shingles. Identifying characteristics of the style are the steep roof surfaces, the asymmetry, and the dramatic chimney. The small detached garage is styled to match. The Charles and Rachel Neuman house at 7208 Elmwood Ave. is a 1.5-story house in Dutch Colonial Revival style built in 1937, with a small pediment over the front door, and a flat-roofed sun porch on one end. The identifying characteristic of this style is the gambrel roof. The Marcus Schwab house at 7028 Elmwood Ave. is a 1.5 story Colonial Revival home built in 1938, 1.5 stories, clad in clapboard, with pilaster strips on the corners and flanking the front door. Schwab was a merchant in Middleton. Roy Brumm built the house.

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East End, Saint John, U.S. Virgin Islands

East End is a settlement on the island of Saint John in the United States Virgin Islands. Much of the area is a private housing development. Hansen Bay is a popular beach in East End that includes a snack shack. The owner of the property adjacent to the beach charges visitors for parking and beach access. A floating bar, called Angel's Rest, frequently anchors in East End bays. Bar patrons must swim out to the bar from the beach.

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