Do You Have a Favorite Little Ice-cream Parlor You Like Going To?

Do you have a favorite little ice-cream parlor you like going to?

Do You Have a Favorite Little Ice-cream Parlor You Like Going To? 1

ours is called tylers,, best homemade ice cream around here,,,, my favorite is the lemon ice cream

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Seniors: Do you remember Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor?

We use to travel to Portland, Oregon for their ice cream. It was a real outing. I was thin back then too and could eat everything in site!!!!

Do You Have a Favorite Little Ice-cream Parlor You Like Going To? 2

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Whatever happend to those old-fashioned ice cream parlors?

yeah.......people just got too fat. They could not fit in the store anymore. I have to hit the DQ Grill & Chill.....later

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Poll: Besides eating what is another use for ice cream?

Make ice cream cone babys. all topping to make the face and decorate it. i work at an ice cream parlor. :D

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Ice Cream parlors in Los Angeles Area?

Bennett's Ice Cream in the original Farmer's market at 3rd and Fairfax near CBS studios.YUM.

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Help!! i need a name for an ice cream parlor and grill?

Hot & Cold, Bones and Cones, Burns and Churns

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How much does it pay to work in an ice cream parlor?

Do not ever work at a Marble Slab Creamery. That was my first job when I was younger and it only paid minimum wage. A girl that worked for months at a different store was only given a .05 cent raise from minimum wage. You work harder than fast food restaurants as you are constantly mixing up ice cream for hours at a time, and you are responsible for moping up, creating ice cream, cleaning, and all sorts of **** for minimum wage. If you insist on working at an ice cream parlor, work at Cold Stone or Ben & Jerrys. Better yet just work as a cashier at some other place, it's a lot less work.

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What kinds of things were on a menu for a 50's ice cream parlor?

Just aslong as you have ice cream, milkshakes and burgers with curly fries you will be fine!! lol xxx

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What do you want at an Ice Cream Parlor?

I tend to look for inexpensive, but I recently had some Haagen Dazs for the first time .coconut/macadamea.yummmm. I like to try unusual, new flavors, but I am amazed at people that will only eat plain vanilla. I was also in a place that had the nostalgia of old time ice cream parlors.very popular place. Another Idea is places like Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor that are fun for celebrations.

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Marble Slab or Baskin Robbin's Ice cream parlor?

never heard of Marble Slab but I prefer Cold Stone Creamery to Baskin Robbins

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How did Old West towns like Tombstone manage an ice house and an ice cream parlor? I don't understan?

I used to work up Northwest I had an opportunity to Deconstruct a 1910 cold car it was insulated with was interesting. Idk railways is my only thought

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Coppelia (ice cream parlor)

Coppelia is an ice cream parlor chain in Cuba, originally built in a project led by Fidel Castro. Coppelia is state-run and sells in both Cuban pesos (CUP) and Cuban convertible pesos (CUC). Havana's Coppelia employs more than 400 workers and serves 16,000 litres (4,200 US gal) of ice cream to 35,000 customers each day. It is named after the ballet Copplia. When business started in 1966, it ran with an impressive count of 26 flavors and 25 combinations. Today, lines are generally long and the supply and selection of flavors is scarce, with usually only one or two available at any given time.

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I want to open my own soda/ice cream parlor?

Business ideas are only "good" when they have a business plan to back them up. There are hundreds of reasons why this business would be good or bad depending on many variables that your business plan would address. Good luck!

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How can a bedroom look like an ice cream parlor?

As an artist I have done quite a few mosaics, and I would suggest to either do it yourself of have an artist make a mosaic or two depending on the size of the room for your wall. Also decorate the room in pastels with a hint of the good old chocolate and darker colors. The mosaic can contain pieces of cartons from actual Ice cream companies like blue bell ice cream, Breyers ice cream, and farm store ice cream, just to name a few. You can also frame some posters of ice cream or famous soda pop stores of the late 1950's and 1960's like the famous James Dean poster

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