Cool, yet Suitable Laptop for a Birthday Pressi for a High School Student?

Cool, Yet Suitable Laptop for a Birthday pressi for a High School Student?

Cool, yet Suitable Laptop for a Birthday Pressi for a High School Student? 1

I would suggest a Dell Inspiron based on your description. Make sure you get 2 gigs ram, and that the very minute you open the box that you: 1. install and update your virus protection, set it to highest level of protection 2. install and update Spybot's search and destroy (free) 3. buy and install Lavasoft's Ad Aware and set it to highest level of protection

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Where can i find a Graphic Design Internship in Los Angeles for a High School student?

One way is to somehow visit a college job placement office for students looking for summer jobs and internships, especially at an art school. Also the job listings such as craigslist and creativehotlist will sometimes indicate that the position is specifically an internship. Visit home pages of studios, agencies, publications, and other businesses and look for graphic design internships being offered. Or you can compose a good cover letter and send them your resume and portoflio. If you do not know who is offering internships, you need to find out what is out there producing good stuff that you admire. One place to start is the graphic design magazines where they list the names of studios and agencies alongside their work. Oh, and you need to start looking now. The serious college student would have already had a summer internship lined up in December.

Cool, yet Suitable Laptop for a Birthday Pressi for a High School Student? 2

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Writing affiliation as a high school student

Simply list your high school as your affiliation, including the city and country where it's located (since there may be many high schools in the world with the same name). It's irrelevant whether or not it's in the US

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2012 MacBook air or Pro for a High School student?

The Macbook Pro is the logical choice. You get a lot more for your money (storage and processor speed) and it's still very portable. But. The Macbook Air is pretty awesome and cute. And it could definitely handle the usage you are describing. So. Get the Macbook Pro if you want the most for your money. Get the Macbook Air if you are in love with it :) I hope this helps

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For college, how much does it matter from which high school a student graduates?

They tend to go more by the standardized exam scores. However, if they apply to a university nearby the high school, and the high school is known for quality graduates, of course this will play a positive role

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San Francisco vs San Diego-(La Jolla) for a high school student?

well if you do not like the high percentage of asians in SF, you wo not like that San Diego has a high percent of hispanics. Also, do you mean SF the city? Or SF the Bay Area? it is very expensive to live in SF the city. But there are lots of other options in the bay area itself for you guys to look at. Neither location would be racist towards you as a white person. the key difference to me between the two is that SD is very laid back, very politically conservative, and very warm year round. If you like that casual beachy place, SD is your place. It is like LA but less stressful and more calm. SF has the appearance of being more intellectual, more bookworm oriented. And can be very snooty. It is also more liberal minded. It is most similar to Boston in terms of look, feel and diversity. SF vs. SD would be like compaing South Beach Miami and Boston. just totally differnt places. For me personally, I do not like San Diego's weather. I am not really a beachy person at all. My best friend just moved from San Diego to Pleasanton/Livermore area which is about an hours drive east of SF and she loves being up here now after spending 20 years down in SD. She misses parts of SD. But loves the vibe up here.

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American high school student, looking at UK colleges/universities!??!?

I am afraid UK universities do not really care what your GPA is (we get zero credit for homework and tests done in class here) and selecting someone based on their extracurricular activities is illegal. Universities are required to select based on people's suitability for the course. All extracurriculars do is demonstrate that you are not working flat out just to get good school-level results, and that you are an interested, committed person who enjoys pushing themself to learn. Your student government involvement is relevant to your suitability for those courses, but that's about it. You need to make sure you get good SAT or ACT results, and you will also need to take SAT II or AP classes in subjects related to the courses you want to do and get good results in the exams for those.

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