Coffee Table Books- How to Make a Cheap Coffee Table

Get the most out of your space without using most of your spaceI am by no means an expert or certified consultant on all things home design and styling. I just admire the craft, fond creatively thinking outside of the box, and enjoy looking at minimalistic apartments at my own leisure. When I lived in a 340 sq. ft. studio apartment I definitely had to develop a "minimalist mindset" (which was pretty laughable to me knowing that I am quick and eager to buy the latest trends, gadgets, softwares, etc. ) Thankfully, with time, I've become stagnant in my spending habits — since every purchase that I made I had to immediately factor in how much space would be accompanied for it (like a "queen sized bed").1. INDOOR HAMMOCK (FOR BED USE)The biggest space eating item in my studio apartment was my bed. Everything about my queen just made the living room area of my studio feel so cluttered, as if I was in an Antique Store. So I forgo my queen and slept in an airbed for a rough couple months until I randomly made a purchase on a hammock via Amazon, unknowingly did I think it was the answer to my solution. It was. And it even made the studio look more aesthetically pleasing too. A couple months later, I helped my filmmaker friend named Keemal move, declutter, and organize items in his 300 sq. ft studio in Chelsea, New York. I also suggested to him how he felt about forfeiting his California king for a hammock. At first he was put off by the idea but eventually came around once he came to terms with the reality and sacrifices of living small. I helped him measure and install hooks on the wall for attaching an XL hammock and he was appalled at how much space he had saved without his bed. He also mentioned that having the hammock gives a "traveler's vibe" to his apartment, which has become the theme he's been working towards.So if you do not mind sleeping like a you are in a cocoon and waking up blossoming into a beautiful butterfly, then get you a hammock!2. PET STAIRS (FOR HIDDEN STORAGE AND STOOL USAGE)As humans there's always the basic want, need, and *secrecy* for having a drawer. One day I randomly google-imaged "staircase drawers" after envisioning it in my head as a future DIY architecture project. I came across what might have probably been the correct term… "pet stairs" (helps your cats and dogs come onto your bed with ease). Some of them had pull out or top off drawers designed for hidden storage which was exactly what I wanted. I mostly used it in my studio for:Bras, underwear, and socks storageStool stepper for reaching things, hanging things on the wall and getting in and out of my hammock sometimesWhen I shared this idea with Keemal he laughed (of course he did), since he thought it was sort of silly given it's original purpose for it is to help animals. But later he figured it was something that would be beneficial to his space saving endeavors. Not very "traveler's vibe-ish" but I am sure it will attract pets if decides to have one. Oh wait, he has no bed. Lol! xD3. PERSONALIZED WINE BOX (FOR SHOE STORAGE OR ROLLED JEANS)I have had on and off battles when it came to saving space with my shoes in my studio. I am partially guilty of it though since most of it was due to personal taste (hehe). I have tried "over the door shoe holders" (which looked tacky to me after a while), "shoe racks", (they can take up some space as well) and simply calling it a day by placing all of my footwear in a canned shaped laundry basket (then I have to take out two or three pairs of shoes just to find the shoes that I want to wear, *sigh*). When I stumbled upon this specific wine crate on Pinterest my mind exploded with ideas and all hope was restored. I can easily fit about 9-12 pairs of shoes which consists of TOMS, Keds, Converse, flats, slip-ons, and sandals. Ideally this storage concept works best for sneakers that are not bulky. For Boots, you can display two of them on top of one single crate.Knowing Keemal has predominately bulky Basketball sneakers I proposed this idea to him with the option of using jeans (*rolled up*) instead.4. DIY CABLE WIRE SPOOL SHELF (FOR BOOKS AND NIGHTSTAND USE)Whether you are an avid reader or admire having a trail of books in your place for show I am sure we all know that books can unknowingly be the root of all evil when it comes to clutter. It is nice to have our own personal library out of the comfort of our home but living small with a volume of books might not provide the best comfort unless your Slender Man. Thankfully, there is a way to have your books and treat it too and that is with this DIY Cable Wire Spool shelf. What I love about this up cycling idea is that the possibilities can be endless! Book storage, nightstand use, coffee table, even dinning table (if you dare to be different). Though I do not live in a studio apt anymore I still keep my spool-turned-bookshelf for my books and it is the first thing that attracts my friends whenever they come over.5. CORNER TABLE (FOR DESK USE)I did not use this idea since I admire having a wider table desk but thought this was another simple way of saving space. It may challenge your workstation decisions in terms of comfortability, storage and decoration (i. e. displaying framed photos, plants, accessible supplies, etc.) It probably would not be the best workstation for someone such as a "Designer" who may need all of their deliverables available to them while working from home. Regardless, this item still has it's useful possibility perks for sure! I am thinking without the hairpin table legs and multiple triangular wood stacked a few feet from each other and it would make a great shelf semblance. What are you thinking?.

Coffee Table Books- How to Make a Cheap Coffee Table 1

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