Characteristics and Classification of Differential Pressure Venturi Flowmeter

1、 Characteristics of differential pressure venturi flowmeter

Differential pressure venturi flowmeter is a kind of differential pressure flowmeter, which is compared with the traditional flow measuring instrument. It has good measurement stability and accuracy, and can basically meet the demand. It has certain application in reservoirs and a few water supply companies. The venturi flowmeter is composed of Venturi tube (economizer) and supporting differential pressure transmitter. The flow is calculated by measuring the differential pressure before and after passing through the economizer. The saving parts of this flowmeter have almost not been improved. It has reached the level of comparative perfection and has been standardized

2、 Classification of Venturi flowmeter:

According to different equipment methods, venturi flowmeter can be divided into pipeline venturi flowmeter and piercing venturi flowmeter. Pipeline venturi flowmeter can be divided into standard Venturi flowmeter (general pipeline) and rectangular venturi flowmeter. Rectangular venturi flowmeter is a built-in venturi tube, which is mainly about large pipe diameter, low flow rate The flow measurement of various gases with large flow has a common structural planning, and the real flow calibration is carried out in the national large key wind tunnel laboratory. It can be widely used in the control and measurement of large diameter fluid in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power and other occupations. The piercing venturi flowmeter is mainly used in the field where the diameter is too large, the straight pipe of the equipment is short, or the equipment location is limited, and the demand for flow measurement accuracy is not high. It has the characteristics of convenient equipment commissioning, no need to cut the pipe section, low cost, etc. at present, it is commonly used to replace the rectangular venturi and wing wind measuring equipment for air flow measurement.

According to different processing and manufacturing methods, it is divided into standard Venturi flowmeter with rough casting shortening section, venturi flowmeter with machining shortening section and Venturi flowmeter with rough welded iron plate shortening section.

3、 Primary characteristics of Venturi flowmeter:

1. Simple structure, durable, stable function, not easy to block.

2. The utility model has the advantages of small pressure loss, saving the power required for flow transmission, and can be used for the measurement of disordered flow such as two-phase flow, mixed phase flow, low flow rate, large pipe diameter, special-shaped pipe, etc.

3. High repeatability, small pressure loss and short straight pipeline.

3. In the scale of 50-1200 drift diameter, real flow calibration is not required. Beyond this scale, we can refer to planning and production. When higher accuracy is required, real flow calibration can be carried out.

4. The size of the main equipment is large, and it is inconvenient to transport the equipment due to the large diameter appearance. We can consider using standard orifice plate or piercing double venturi flowmeter.

4、 Principle of Venturi flowmeter:

Characteristics and Classification of Differential Pressure Venturi Flowmeter 1

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