Causes and Treatment of Oil Leakage From Shaft Seal of Screw Air Compressor

One of the two major faults that often occur in the use of screw air compressor is oil leakage. There are many kinds of oil leakage faults, including head oil leakage and shaft seal oil leakage. The rotor of a carbon dioxide screw press in an enterprise is divided into two parts: negative and positive, the speed is 2157r / min, the input temperature is 40 ℃, the output temperature is ≤ 120 ℃, and the material is 1gr13; The total length of the male rod is 4.2m, the shaft seal position is 285mm, and the width is 290mm; The shaft seal position is 285mm and the width is 290mm; The outside of the shaft seal is matched with 5 or 6 carbon based floating rings. During equipment operation, the process gas is filled between the floating ring and the shaft.

Let's first look at the oil leakage of screw air compressor shaft seal?

1. When the screw rotates in the barrel, the lubricating oil and process gas are filled between the screw and the floating seal ring, and the gap is very small. When the bearing pad is worn and sinks or the floating ring does not float in the early stage of screw rotation, there will be contact wear between the screw and the floating ring. The material of the floating ring is generally soft and easy to wear. For example, it is made of graphite, wood and other materials. During long-term operation of the equipment, The wear of drops gradually accumulates, and the matching gap between the screw and the floating shaft seal gradually increases, which eventually leads to the failure of the seal, the process gas is ejected from the gap, and the production efficiency of the equipment is reduced.

2. If there are acidic and other corrosive substances in the gas, it can accelerate the wear of the screw and sealing parts. Due to the acidity and pressure of the gas, it will cause scouring and corrosion damage to the shaft surface. The most direct manifestation is that the gas leaks and the oil leaks without maintaining the pressure.

3. Foreign matters are mixed in the process gas. During the high-speed rotation of the screw shaft, ordinary insignificant things will also wear the shaft and sealing parts, which will seriously lead to the failure of the seal.

The enterprise used soray carbon nano polymer materials for on-site rapid repair, and the problem was solved in just a few hours. Repair the oil leakage of screw air compressor shaft seal as follows:

1. The surface to be repaired shall be polished with baking oil to ensure the coating thickness of the material;

2. Rinse with absolute ethanol and blow dry;

3. Blend the carbon nano polymer material in proportion, and evenly apply the material to the shaft to ensure that the thickness of the material is uniform without high point and low-lying;

4. Ensure that the material is completely cured, polish the material surface with fine sandpaper and remove excess material;

5. Repair complete. When lifting and unloading the shaft, pay attention to protect the materials to avoid pit collision damage.

Causes and Treatment of Oil Leakage From Shaft Seal of Screw Air Compressor 1

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