Can You Tell Me About All 3 Max Payne Games?

Can you tell me about all 3 Max Payne games?

Can You Tell Me About All 3 Max Payne Games? 1

thanx for answering my question and idk about 3 max payne games soz

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Tell me if your grabbing Max Payne 3 this summer.?

As a long-time Max Payne fan, yeah I will. But, I have my doubts. I just hope Rockstar did not sacrifice the campaign (what Max Payne is all about) for the multiplayer that is getting so much hype. Kind of like what happened to Resident Evil fans and Raccoon City. The online looks like it could be fun though. But Max Payne is not a game where I am concerned about mutliplayer experience - it's all about story. Hopefully the campaign brings what the original titles brought.

Can You Tell Me About All 3 Max Payne Games? 2

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Max Payne (character)

Max Payne is the playable protagonist of the neo-noir video game series of the same name. Max was introduced in the 2001 third-person shooter Max Payne, which was written by Sam Lake and developed by Remedy Entertainment. The game's publisher, 3D Realms, intended Max to serve as the "foundation of a new gaming franchise". In the first game, the character was portrayed by Lake, with Timothy Gibbs and James McCaffrey later taking over the role, and consistently voiced by McCaffrey. Mark Wahlberg portrayed Max in the film adaptation. The first game in the series presents the story as retold by Max from his point of view, while the sequel, Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne, alternates between his and that of the femme fatale character Mona Sax. In the original Max Payne, Max is an NYPD police detective and an undercover special agent for the DEA. Max becomes a vigilante following the murder of his family and, later, the murder of his police partner, which he was framed for. Later, he returns to the department as a detective before his life is soon shattered by death and betrayal. At the start of Max Payne 3 by Rockstar Games, he finds himself employed as a bodyguard for Rodrigo Branco, a wealthy man in Brazil. Max Payne has been well received by media.

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Red Dead Redemtion or GTA 4 or Max Payne 3?

Red dead, GTA 4 then max payne

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Help me start a crew in Max Payne 3 PS3?

Leave your PSN

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Dead Island vs. Max Payne 3?

Both were great games, but I had more fun with max Payne 3. It depends on your type of gaming. RPG vs Shooter? It's totally up to you. In my opinion though, I would choose Max Payne 3.

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Why won't rockstar remaster Max Payne 3 for PS4/Xbox one?

MP3 is a single player game, without any microtransactions. It's not something that can easily be monetized as GTA V. Single player games are inherently meant to drive just a narrative, and have limited replay value. With the current trend of the gaming industry, it's not something that is bound to generate a lot of revenue.Moreover, the game really isn't that old, and remastering it doesn't make sense. The graphics mostly hold up, and I don't particularly see Rockstar particularly bothered with the Max Payne brand for a very long time. The second point is particularly irksome for me, since Remedy and Max Payne have forged a lot of my childhood. Personally, I'd love nothing more than for Remedy to buy the rights back to MP, and work on a reboot for the modern age. But that won't be happening any time soon. Why wo not rockstar remaster Max Payne 3 for PS4/Xbox one?

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Max Payne 3, Xbox vs PS3?

ps3, but if you already got used to that big *** xbox controller, get it for xbox.... man, you traitor... you left playstation for that gay shiiii :(

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Monitor showing 'input not supported' on Max Payne 3 launch.?

perhaps the monitor does not support the resolution settings of the game?

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is Max Payne 3 going to be like GTA?

Max Payne 3 will NOT be like GTA. It is mainly a third-person linear shooter, with the story moving chapter by chapter. The cities in the chapters are not as explorable as Red Dead or GTA. Also, it is assumed the story will be a major factor in the game. Remember, just because Rockstar is involved, it does not mean the game will be an open world game where you can do anything.

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