Can I Use White Butter Made From Buffalo Milk to Make Cake Frosting?

Silly me since I am American I thought you meant Bison but that seems an animal that is too wild to milk. From what I am reading after web searching water buffalo instead bison ;-) you should be able to use it. In the winter cow's butter is naturally white too. Since the color when natural comes form eating fresh grass.

Can I Use White Butter Made From Buffalo Milk to Make Cake Frosting? 1

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I saw butter made from water buffalo milk in a US store, imported from India. Why do Indians make butter from buffalo milk? Is it for flavor, or because cows are sacred?

I saw butter made from water buffalo milk in a US store, imported from India. Why do Indians make butter from buffalo milk? Is it for flavor, or because cows are sacred?It's the same reason people in the west make mozarella using buffalo milk. It's purely a commercial and gastronomic decision. Buffalo milk has a much higher fat content than cow milk. This gives a higher output of fat such as cheese and butter as well as a characteristic body and taste.This does not mean that Indians do not make butter out of cows milk. There are cow milk butters available in India. However ghee made from cows milk would fetch a better commercial rate than butter

Can I Use White Butter Made From Buffalo Milk to Make Cake Frosting? 2

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My Paint on my Jaguar has "Dried out," is there ANYTHING i can do to Protect it?

WHats Buffalo Milk?

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I want to do buffalo milk business plz help me?

Approxiametly cost= Rs 130,000 in Pakistan gives 12 to 14 litre per day, per Rs 300 food per day they eat Daily income is Rs 840 minus location to be minus Thank you calculate the returns Setting up a business involves balancing your ability to invest with the projected return on investment. A business idea that's relatively low on investment and has great potential is something that most business owners would regard as a lucrative business opportunity. So if here are 8 business ideas that I put together for you which I believe score high on the potential front and low on the investment front… 1. Food I am starting off my list with food as a business opportunity because we say that "we should eat to live" but it's usually the other way round, "most people live to eat". When I say food I am not talking about a big restaurant simply because we are low on investment right? I am talking about small eateries and home based catering services that could be any of the following: A salad bar A small joint selling: sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, bagels, croissants, cup cakes (a single food product and its variations) A soup kitchen A bakery selling traditional breads, exotic breads or whole wheat products Specialty food products catering to the expatriate community A small pub or juice centre 2. Wellness More and more people today are investing in their own well being so if you have expertise in anything that can make people feel good about themselves then you could set up a venture in that area. Your options include: yoga, massage, Reiki, Tai-chi, Pilates, hair and skin care. You could work from home or offer personalized service in your client's homes. 3. Consultancy This one is for those who do not like the idea of working round the clock turning consultant is a great option. The opportunities for setting up your own consultancy are numerous…personal shoppers, educational consultants, counselors, financial experts, virtual dating and what not. Your experience and qualifications are the critical factor here. You can run the business from home or online. 4. Writing The internet has opened up several avenues for writers that too in various genres. You could become a travel writer or guide book author. You could even choose to run your own website targeted at expatriates, business owners, tourists or any other niche of internet users as another alternative. 5. Culinary Ventures If running a restaurant or catering service seems a little too overwhelming as far as time, space and the scale of operations go then teaching people to cook can be an exciting and profitable venture. People all over the world are eager to learn different cuisines and all you have to do is share your culinary skills with an eager bunch of pupils. 6. Art and Crafts Are you an avid crafter? Do you enjoy painting? Then you could consider teaching a thing or two about any of these crafts to people who are interested in learning. You could create videos and teach people online as well! 7. Foreign Language instructors If you are good with people and languages then this is a simple idea to implement. You could also consider teaching online. 8. Virtual Assistants Time is a constraint for all of us. We have so many things to do and so little time. This is why people are ready to hire virtual assistants to help them get on with their lives and complete mundane tasks.

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