Can Halogen Lamps Be Directly Replaced with LED Lamps

If the original car is a halogen lamp, even if it is equipped with a lens, the lens of the original car cannot be used normally due to the specific position of the light emitting point of the bulb and the focus of the light. In order to focus well, it is necessary to replace the special LED headlamp lens, but the corresponding price is relatively high. A car of about 100000, The material cost plus the manual fee must be around 1500 yuan. A good car is more expensive. Therefore, it can be said that a few hundred yuan is basically certain. It's just to change the bulb. It's hard to say whether it's reliable. It's said that the lights can be on and look very bright. It's said that it's reliable. The real road lighting effect is not good.

If the LED headlamp does not have a lens, the focusing effect of only relying on the lampshade is very limited, so the light emitted will be very scattered and can not be concentrated to illuminate the road ahead, but it is also very bright when looking at the vehicle. Maybe some people don't understand why the road is not well illuminated and the light on the opposite side is still very bright. For a simple example, a bulb with sufficient brightness looks dazzling from front, rear, left and right, However, due to its wide irradiation range, the corresponding distance is relatively close, and after the flashlight gathers the light, even if the bulb is not so bright, it will illuminate far in a certain direction and the brightness will be better.

To sum up, if the LED headlamp is only replaced with a bulb, the improved lighting effect is not obvious. It plays a more role in shaking the opposite side without turning off the high beam. Moreover, in some rainy weather, the light penetration of the LED headlamp is poor, and it will be more unclear if there is no lens to focus. Therefore, if you really want to change the LED headlamp, you'd better install the lens, Or directly replace the corresponding assembly, so that it will not be affected during the annual inspection.

Can Halogen Lamps Be Directly Replaced with LED Lamps 1

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