Basic Structure, Application and Working Principle of Light Touch Switch

Basic structure of touch switch

(1) The switch cover is used to protect the components of the internal mechanism. It is mostly made of metal, embedded in the base and fixed. Some products also have grounding pins to prevent static electricity.

(2) Plunger plunger is a part pressed when a person operates the switch, which can transfer the force received here to the pot piece. The shape of the operation part is flat and convex. Two types of products are available for the main models. Most of the plungers are resin injection molded products, but rubber materials will be used to increase the operating stroke.

(3) In addition to the function of realizing touch mentioned above, the pot piece also serves as a movable contact. A certain operating force on the plunger will make the pot piece concave, connect the two fixed contacts and turn on the circuit. After the operating force is released, the pan will return to its original shape and the switch will turn off. There are two kinds of materials of pot pieces: metal and rubber. The former has a small operation stroke and can obtain a sharp touch; The latter has a long operation stroke and can obtain a mild touch.

(4) The base is the basic component used to install the main components. The base is a resin injection molded product, which is integrated with metal contacts and pins during injection molding, and the resin material that can withstand welding high temperature is used. Contacts and pins are very important components in the base. The two fixed contacts are respectively connected with the pins extending out of the outside of the switch. These pins are welded with the printed circuit board to electrically and mechanically connect the switch and the printed circuit board.

Main purpose of touch switch

In the process of using the touch switch, because of its small volume and light weight, it has been widely used in household appliances, such as digital products, video and audio products. Communication products, remote controls, toys, household appliances, computer products, medical equipment, banknote checking pens, fitness equipment, laser pen keys, security products, etc. But now most electrical buttons are directly replaced by conductive rubber or pot switch hardware shrapnel, such as remote control, computer keyboard, etc. It has a wide range of uses and shows its figure in different fields.

Through the understanding and analysis of the principle and purpose of the light touch switch, we can simply master its working principle in the process of use and installation, and apply its better effect to practice, so that we can save a lot of unnecessary trouble in the process of use.

Light touch switch has the advantages of small contact resistance, accurate operating force error and diversified specifications. It is widely used in electronic equipment and white appliances, such as video and audio products, digital products, remote controls, communication products, household products, security products, games, computer products, etc. Because of the environmental conditions (elastic force with pressure less than 2 times / ambient temperature and humidity conditions and electrical line) when touching the switch, large equipment and high load buttons are directly replaced by conductive rubber or pot switch hardware, such as medical equipment, TV remote control, etc.

Light touch switch is the fourth generation switch product developed with the requirements of the development of electronic technology. The earliest volume is 12mm * 12mm and 8mm * 8mm, and now it is 6mm * 6mm. There are three types of product structures: vertical, horizontal and horizontal with ground end. Now there are two types: combined type (3m, 4m, SM, 6m and SM) and potentiometer touch switch combination, which meet the requirements of various domestic electronic products. Now there is a fifth generation switch - membrane switch, which has the same function as the touch switch. It is mainly used in electronic instruments and CNC machine tools, but it has high resistance and poor hand feeling. In order to overcome the poor hand feeling, some membrane switches are not made of silver layer as the contact point, but are equipped with contact reeds.

Attribute principle of touch switch

The well-known light touch switch can be attributed to the functional switch. Alps light touch switch is used to turn on the switch by gently pressing the switch button. When the hand is released, the switch can be turned off. Its internal structure is completed by the elastic force of metal shrapnel. With the rapid development of power electronic technology, the relationship between power electronic equipment and people's life and work is becoming closer and closer, And electronic devices are inseparable from reliable power supply. Switching power supply is a power supply that uses modern power electronic technology to control the time ratio of switching transistor on and off and maintain a stable output voltage. Switching power supply is usually composed of pulse width modulation control IC and MOSFET.

Basic Structure, Application and Working Principle of Light Touch Switch 1

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