Are English Bulldogs Good Pets?

Omg...yes they are I have a English Bulldog name Fiona she is 5 yrs old. and yes they are the best breed ever. They are very smart, laidback, easy going and very loving. And very good with kids. English Bulldogs are very adorable no matter who you get them from all the ones I have came across are very good dogs. Once you get it you wont regret, it will be a wise buy expecial for your family.

Are English Bulldogs Good Pets? 1

1. pets you think are the best?

turtles =)

2. how do i keep my cat from sneaking outside?

It's an animal it's curious! would you like to be locked in a house all your life? better do not have pets! Do not scare him, do not be cruel, he wants to see the world! not just 4 walls! You go out because you want to see different things, it's the same and if he gets hurt, well you go out and you could get killed by a car and you still go out....let that poor pet LIVE!

Are English Bulldogs Good Pets? 2

3. Law forcing fences around hot tub? ?

You bet. Where I live in WA State, the local building codes specify a fence at least 4 feet tall with a locking gate be placed around any pool, pond or hot tub to prevent children and pets from casual entry and drowning. I do not recall reading if a locking hot tub cover meets the requirement. This does NOT mean the entire property has to be fenced, but a fence around the entire property meets the requirement, just as a fence immediately around the pool itself would do.

4. Are hampsters fun pets to have?

Their pretty boring, get a guinea pig their alot more fun. Hamsters sleep all day and bite alot. guinea pigs actually start liking you, they are social animals

5. If I were to leave on an emergency trip and I have a cat with no one to tend to...?

vets will board pets for short periods. chk with yours and find out....get em chkd out at the same time. shots etc. talk to your pet and tell them what your doing for their care. they understand more than you think they do

6. HELP!! PLEASE! i have a YOUNG baby sparrow! What do i do to keep it happy?

You really have no business keeping them as pets if you do not know how to properly care for them. Turn them over to a wildlife rehab. Otherwise they will die in your care

7. pet microchip is available for dog & cat but does it available for other pet too. Such as bird, rabbit, ect...?

Microchipping is available for birds, I know, so you could probably have other small pets microchipped as well. If you adopt an animal that's already 'chipped from a shelter, you can find out what kind of chip it has and how to update the information at that time. The shelter personnel will scan the dog for a microchip and tell you. If they do not scan, ask a vet to do it. You do not need another microchip. It is unlikely that a pet would be microchipped twice because pets are always scanned for existing microchips before they are microchipped twice. Therefore, there would only be the one to read and identify the owner with.

8. Question about Pets?

my suggestion is fancy rats in pairs either 2 girls or 2 boys they are easy to take care of very ittelligent and a recommend pet for children to have and can be fun and loving as long as you look after them properly also dont be put off by what people say fancy rats are pets not the sewer rats and you can make cheap toys for them aswell

9. Automatic trash cans to keep dogs out?

You could also try getting a trashcan with a lid. It's more tedious for you since you have to open the lid every time, but it keeps pets out. Most are also less expensive then an automatic one. We have a nice wooden trashcan with lid, and my dog does not even try to get into it!

10. Are mice good pets for infants?

Get Troll Monkeys

11. PETS QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please anwer!!!!!!!!!!!!?

This question is more complicated than it seems. I am with you on hating hunting. We do not need wild animals for food any more. However, as we have built and taken over natural habitats some species of animals have become over-populated and cause problems for humans, and themselves. Where I live, in the midwest, we have deer looking for food invade gardens and destroy landscaping. There are too many for the natural resources to accommodate, and they suffer from starvation. Lately we have been finding Coyotes appearing in the suburbs who are dangerous to dogs and small children. I think rather than banning hunting we would be wise to develop nature preserves and take other means to protect the habitats

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