Angle Between Function and a Horizontal Line

The value of the derivative is the slope of the tangent line, and the slope of a line is the tangent of the angle the line makes with respect to the $x$ axis. (Note the two different uses of the word "tangent.")

Angle Between Function and a Horizontal Line 1

1. Make stealth horizontal in TikZ?

The simplest option is to define an auxiliary coordinate:for later use:The complete example:The result:I took the liberty to vertically align the blocks

2. Should the stripes on the dress I am making be vertical or horizontal?

In my opinion stripes on dresses should go verically. Horizontal stripes are not very flattering. Though it would depend on the length and style of dress if the dress is short, horizontal stripes look good on a slim lady. Though if the dress is quite long then stripes look better verticle. You could also do the stripes on the bias/diagonal which looks good.

Angle Between Function and a Horizontal Line 2

3. Which is better for small, square bedroom, VERTICAL or HORIZONTAL STRIPES?

If the stripes are huge and that i recommend huge go diagonal. in the event that they are small do no longer even difficulty only go forward and paint, only use different colours like for the window trims and the moldings etc. so one shade for the partitions and a different one for the trimming.

4. What is this horizontal shadow effect called?

Its called page divider , You can google using this keyword

5. Which is best for FM Broadcast Reception - Vertical or Horizontal Antennas?

Most of natures static is vertical ,and many things like trees are polarized vertical. If U are horizontal and the station is vertical you should see about 30 dB loss. They absorber a lot of signal. If u are trying to shoot through a forest the horizontal will work best. You need an antenna with about 10 dB gain . and be able to rotate it to point at the station u want. If that is not enough get an amplifier to go at the top of your antenna and bring it down a coax cable to prevent radiation out of the amp. and causing oscillation. look on the inter net at Ar2 communications products. They have some very low noise amplifiers. Good luck

6. Why is price on the vertical axis and quantity on the horizontal axis?

To your three pointsFor elastic demand you are sometimes able to dictate the demand by the price. Normally though, the demand dictates the price. For (purely) inelastic demand, the price is entirely set by demand. So price is the dependent variable. This is is basically a demand curve but its geared toward predicting rates rather than reporting rates at different investments. As you said this is also a demand curve.I think the confusion is because you usually see price as being the independent variable. The price is not the independent variable because its on the x axis. The price is on the x axis because its the independent variable. As far as (basic) supply and demand go, the price is going to be set by demand. Note, in my explanations I always said demand to keep it clean. You could switch it to Supply and it still makes sense (unless i made a mistake.)

7. Horizontal ridges on my thumb nails...?

I saw your question and realized I have the SAME thing on all my fingernails, so I decided to google it. I thought it was nothing but look what I found. Nail textures: Vertical ridges that appear on the nail can indicate disorders as simple as iron deficiency, poor absorption of vitamins and nutrients, overall poor health or they could indicate something as serious as kidney trouble. (So, you see why consulting your physician is so important.) These vertical ridges, as well as bumpy nails, can also suggest that one is prone to developing arthritis. Ridges running horizontally across the nail can indicate physical or mental stress. Uhoh. =(

8. Control section horizontal spacing without squeezing

The position environment actually sets a table with equal-width columns (2 in your case). That's just the default way of doing things. You can put your Experience title inside a zero-width makebox so it can spread across the first column width without problem:.

9. physics vertical and horizontal force question?

Call the distance of the point you want from the left end of the bar x. (x-3)*15 lbs (x-2) *40 lbs (x-4)*75 lbs = 0

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