Analysis of Machine Tool Diagnosis System of Renishaw Qc20-w Ball Club Instrument

Without regular inspection and maintenance, CNC machine tools will gradually lose positioning accuracy and introduce errors over time. In order to process complex and high-value aircraft fuselage components, BAE Systems provides the required machine tool diagnostic data with the help of wireless Club instrument system, so as to maximize product quality and production efficiency.

European Typhoon fighter in flight


The manufacturing of fuselage components of modern aircraft has strict requirements for accuracy and quality consistency. The life expectancy of fuselage components must match the life expectancy of aircraft, so it is very important to ensure production quality and reliability in the processing of metal and composite materials.

BAE Systems, a global defense, aviation and security company, produces a variety of key fuselage components for the European Typhoon fighter, a dual engine, delta wing multi-purpose fighter. Since its service in 2003, this high mobility fighter has been listed in the air force sequence of many countries in the world.

In the advanced manufacturing plant of summersbury airport near Blackburn, more than 80 CNC machine tools of BAE Systems are running at high speed, producing a variety of high-value fuselage components required by typhoon fighters and other aircraft.

In order to ensure the stable and consistent quality of parts, minimize material waste and improve production efficiency, maintaining the performance and output of five axis machine tools has become one of the main responsibilities of the company's production line engineers.

Therefore, it is very important to check and calibrate CNC machine tools regularly. BAE Systems used reneshaw's QC10 Club instrument machine tool diagnosis system long ago. Since then, in order to improve flexibility and ease of use, they began to use the second generation wireless Club instrument system.

Reneshaw qc20-w Club tester

Qc20-w Club instrument system

If the positioning performance of NC machine tool reaches the ideal state, the arc interpolation will be completely consistent with the set circular trajectory in any two axis combination. Qc20-w wireless Club instrument can provide a method to compare the actual trajectory with the set trajectory, so as to determine whether there is error.

The ball bar instrument contains a high-precision linear sensor, and each end has a precision ball, which is respectively fixed on two precision magnetic bowl seats: one magnetic bowl seat is installed on the machine tool workbench and the other on the machine tool spindle. In this layout, when the NC machine tool runs according to the set circular trajectory, the ball club instrument can measure the slight change of radius.

The signal processing is carried out inside the club instrument, and the data is transmitted to the personal computer through wireless connection. The collected data is used to calculate the overall performance of positioning accuracy (roundness and roundness deviation), and the calculation method conforms to international standards and Renishaw's own analysis report standards.

The data of the ball club instrument is displayed in both graphic and digital forms, which can further help diagnose the error of the machine tool. The ball club instrument assembly contains 50 mm, 150 mm and 300 mm extension rods, which can be used to diagnose CNC machines of various sizes.

BAE Systems employee Jim Walsh is using reneshaw qc20-w Club tester


Regardless of the type, specification, workload and utilization rate of the machine tool, if it is not maintained, even the best CNC machine tool, the positioning accuracy may gradually decline over time, resulting in machining errors. Component wear, damage caused by collision, installation errors, and even base vibration and changes in ambient temperature may adversely affect the accuracy.

The cost of discovering machine tool problems after parts processing is very high. A large proportion of fuselage components manufactured by BAE Systems are made of titanium alloy materials. This kind of metal material with high strength, light weight, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance is expensive and increasingly scarce. It needs to be booked from the supplier one year in advance to ensure the supply.

In addition to the loss caused by the scrapping of expensive materials, the processing time loss of NC machine tools caused by machine tool errors is more difficult to recover.

A complex titanium alloy fuselage assembly generally needs 40 hours of machining. Repeated production of scrapped components will have a serious impact on the production efficiency of enterprises.

A typical example is that the manufacturing engineers of BAE Systems once found that among many machine tools, the machining accuracy of one machine tool is slowly declining, and the workshop operators gradually lose confidence in its performance. As it is more and more difficult to produce up to standard parts, the problem machine tool is gradually idle, and its original workload is diverted to other machine tools.

To solve these problems, we need to regularly check the performance of CNC machine tools. Maintaining the positioning accuracy of the machine tool is very important to ensure quality and production efficiency.

Reneshaw qc20-w wireless Club instrument for machine tool performance diagnosis


In order to assist in the performance diagnosis of CNC machine tools on a regular basis, BAE Systems previously used Renishaw's QC10 Club instrument system to identify specific machine tool performance errors.

Now BAE Systems has started to use the second generation qc20-w wireless Club instrument, and has also launched a preventive maintenance plan covering the whole plant, stipulating that more than 60 CNC machine tools owned by BAE Systems shall be inspected regularly every week, month and year.

By analyzing the qc20-w diagnostic data trend of all machine tools in detail, BAE Systems has developed a set of reliable error range benchmarks to quickly check the performance of all machine tools and allow the operator to make the decision of "continue / not continue" to use the machine tools. Once the positioning accuracy of NC machine tool has any roundness error greater than 30 µ m, it needs to be investigated immediately.

Machine operators trained in ball club instrument can efficiently use qc20-w to run diagnostic inspections, which means that these inspections can be completed with production clearance, which has little impact on production.

At the same time, BAE Systems also determined the optimal quantity ratio of ball and club instrument test components to CNC machine tools. This ratio is 1:15, which means that at a certain time, one club instrument can leave the factory to go to a professional organization for annual calibration inspection, while other club instruments can perform performance inspection on different machine tools in the workshop at the same time.

With the knowledge and experience gained by using qc20-w ball club instrument on different types of machine tools, BAE Systems can now study the problem machine that has actually exited the production sequence described above in more depth.

BAE Systems observed a 200 degree angle using a club meter μ XY roundness error of M. They used the ball club instrument diagnosis software to determine that the main fault mode of the machine tool was caused by servo mismatch, and then the second error source was the large reverse clearance error. BAE Systems Maintenance Engineers corrected the servo mismatch by optimizing the x-axis drive parameters, and then they checked again with the club meter to quantify the improvement after adjustment.

However, the results of the re inspection showed that even if the servo mismatch had been eliminated, there were still serious errors in the machine tool. The engineers then checked and measured with the ball club instrument and traditional gauge, and found that the error was caused by the wear of the ball screw of the x-axis. After refurbishing the ball screw and resetting the reverse clearance compensation value, the machine tool reached 30 this time μ The XY roundness of M is required, and the production sequence is added again.

Jim Walsh, a professional manufacturing engineer at BAE Systems, commented: "making the ball club tester an integral part of the machine tool condition inspection not only helps to ensure the stable and consistent quality of parts, but also helps us revitalize the machine tools that were once considered incompetent."

He continued: "using the diagnostic software of the club instrument can automatically analyze the results and diagnose the errors, which means that the machine tool operators no longer have to calculate the true meaning of the data, determine the location of the problem and find remedial measures according to the principles and formulas. This will save a lot of time in actual production."

A Typhoon fighter of the 11th Air Force squadron prepares to take off at Akrotiri airport in Cyprus at dawn (photo provided by BAE Systems)


BAE Systems faces many challenges in the process of processing high-value aircraft fuselage components, and the inclusion of qc20-w wireless Club instrument system into a special preventive maintenance plan for CNC machine tools is a useful step to meet these challenges.

Reneshaw is also constantly updating the functions of the club instrument diagnostic software. With the help of the new software, BAE Systems' active maintenance plan aimed at reducing material waste and improving production efficiency will add new vitality. In the embryonic stage, we can find out the root cause of machine tool error without being caught unprepared when the problem actually occurs.

In the past, long and expensive machine tool inspection and maintenance work will lead to a large number of machine tool downtime, which is difficult for enterprises to bear; Now, BAE Systems' machine tool error diagnosis can be completed almost instantaneously, which greatly reduces the downtime. In addition, with the help of club instrument diagnostic data, enterprises no longer rely solely on the service and support of machine tool manufacturers to solve relevant problems.

Analysis of Machine Tool Diagnosis System of Renishaw Qc20-w Ball Club Instrument 1

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