Advantages of SMS Non-woven Fabric in Medical Application

After sterilization, medical devices need to be packaged with appropriate packaging materials to ensure the effect of bacteria resistance. So which is better in terms of bacteria resistance between SMS medical non-woven fabric and cotton cloth?

Cotton is a woven fabric made of cotton yarn.

Advantages: easy to obtain, firm, good compliance, easy to use and reusable.

Disadvantages: cotton cloth is easy to absorb water and form microbial channels, which needs one use and one cleaning. The validity period after packaging and sterilization is short, and the microbial barrier is poor. The general size of bacteria or microorganisms is 0.5-5 μ m. The aperture of cotton package is 40-50 μ m. After cleaning, the pore diameter of local cloth increases, resulting in the reduction of bacteria resistance effect. In addition, some fine cashmere particles on the cotton cloth adhere to the instrument after shaking or fall on the incision, which is easy to cause iatrogenic infection. In addition, the cost of cotton cloth materials and cleaning increases, and the production cost of medical instruments recycled in the hospital also increases.

SMS medical non-woven fabric is a kind of non-woven fabric. It is a non-woven fabric formed by directly using polymer chips, short fibers or filaments to form a network through airflow or machinery, then hot rolling reinforcement, and then finishing.

Advantages: high strength, good suspension, allowing the elimination of air and small penetration aperture of sterilization factors such as water vapor, so as to form a good microbial barrier, do not produce dust and broken fibers, eliminate iatrogenic infection, and meet the different needs and shortcomings of the hospital.

The research shows that compared with traditional cotton packaging, SMS medical non-woven packaging has ideal sterilization and bacteria resistance effect. There are many categories and large quantities of spare items in the supply center. Packages with low use frequency are often sterilized frequently due to short validity period. The use of disposable medical non-woven fabrics ensures the quality of sterile bags and the safety of clinical use, and effectively saves human, material and medical resources, so as to reduce the cost and avoid the cumbersome things brought to people in the process of recovery, rinsing, disinfection and reuse of cotton packaging. It reduces the risk of infection and plays a certain role in controlling the occurrence of nosocomial infection.

SMS medical non-woven fabric can be used not only for the packaging of medical devices, but also for the use of hospital medical masks, hats, shoe covers, etc., greatly improving the effect of bacteria resistance.

Advantages of SMS Non-woven Fabric in Medical Application 1

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